Thursday, September 27, 2007

the tree and the wind

In a time when man was yet to walk upon the earth, the world was ruled by the spirit of the wind. The spirit of the wind traveled though its lands and rejoiced in its possessions. It's favorite game was to blow strongly and force the trees to bend before it. One day it noticed that one small tree was not bending, but remained erect....

"How dare it" the spirit of the wind thought, and blew more strongly. The stronger it blew, the straighter the tree remained. Meanwhile, all the other trees snapped, one by one.

The wind flew into a rage and blew with all it's might. It's breath made the sand fly like birds and the birds drop to the ground. The rivers turned into rain and the earth was destroyed.

The small tree still stood it's ground.

The spirit of the wind contemplated what it had done and how it had destroyed everything it loved. Shaken, it stopped blowing.

At that moment, the small tree bent gently before it.

- anonymous

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