Sunday, April 20, 2008


The emperor ordered the most beautiful women on earth be sought so that he could finally marry. Thousands of women were presented before him but each one was turned away. Many days passed and it seemed that the emperor would not pick a wife.

Finally, an envoy appeared with a woman from a distant land. Her beauty was so perfect, that the emperor decided to make her his wife.

One night, while gazing at the naked body of his new wife while she was sleeping, the emperor noticed a tiny mole on her hip. That image stayed with him from then on. Whenever he saw her, he could only see that imperfection. Seized by madness, he sought advice from his royal doctors. They prepared an ointment which would erase the blemish forever.
The treatment was successful. The following evening, the emperor was able to gaze at the perfect beauty of his beloved for the last time, as she lay lifeless beside him.

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Paul said...

That's a very powerful story Kevin.


{I'm working my way through your blogs chronologically as I've only recently come across them.]