Tuesday, December 2, 2008

an interesting video related to creativity and play

how does this relate to your practicing and performing?


Christopher said...

Thanks for posting this.

As I was watching the "role play" portion of it, I could only think of performance class. When I was doing undergrad at Drake, we didn't have a performance class or really any performance opportunities besides a formal recital. So I didn't get to try out many interpretive ideas in a real situation. Now in grad school, we have a class for that! All the guitarists meet once a week (about 20 of us) and play for each other. Lets us try out our interpretations in a relatively lax, trusting environment. I can't even describe how helpful this is.

I also think the take away message, for me, is to try many things out. I'm just beginning to work on Bach's 3rd lute suite, and my teacher strongly encouraged me to try out many different fingerings, but gave me a few guidelines to work with. The result is a really creative process where I am able to try different things rather than find one thing that works and stick with it (my previous strategy). It's totally different actually getting something under your fingers vs. imagining what it'd sound like. Sort of like Tim Brown's idea of building a prototype--we can build our fingerings or interpretations and get a hands on example for what we're working with. Then take the examples to a teacher or record them and compare to see which give the desired effect.


kevin r gallagher said...

thanks for the great comment Christopher. Yes, we must "play" the guitar. Practicing and performing should feel like playful exploration.