Monday, February 9, 2009

3 Exercises for Barre Technique

It was bothering me that my Barre Technique lesson on youtube didn't have a set of logical exercises for it, so I created some yesterday. In the style of the old masters, I tried to make them musical - or as they might say - "pleasing to the ear". All three use the circle of fifths progression. The third is particularly difficult and fun.

3 Exercises for Barre Technique




Chris in Canada said...

THANK YOU! I have been struggling recently with full barre chords, having very small hands with "short sausage fingers" as my daughters call them. I'm a pushing-60 flautist and sometimes piano accompanist, but have always wanted to study classical guitar. After finally finding a fully qualified and experienced teacher who would accept a "Mission (Im)Possible" student, I have been doing quite well except for the odd problem due to my hand size until I started running into full barres. I have been unable to get the hang of a firm barre, but your YouTube video stressing the left elbow placement and higher knuckle seems to be the key. At the least, after several short "barre hanging" sessions spaced over the day, I already find it much easier to play the barred sections of the Tarrega study I am working on without mangling them! Now on to these exercises to get better control over the other 3 fingers while the first holds the fort.

S said...

Wow! I've been stuck on Chapter 18 of Noad's Solo Guitar 1 for weeks and despaired of gaining competence re: the full bar. Just watched your lesson on YouTube and it all clicked. Just practiced and no more buzz! Yay!

Anonymous said...

PDF link is broken