Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scholarships for the Summer

I'm offering 2 scholarships for free private lessons this summer from June 1 - September 1. I'd like the guitarists to be music majors at college looking for extra guidance and inspiration during the summer. The level of the guitarist is not as important to me as is his or her enthusiasm and love for the art. Lessons will be bi - weekly and will be at my studio (not over internet webcam).

For consideration, please send me your name, a well written email (one or two paragraphs) with your background information, what you'd like concentrate on (playing Baroque music, Technique, Contemporary Music, etc.), and a sample of your playing - video or audio. Please do not sent the video or audio to my email - use www.yousendit.com and send me links to the files.

Best wishes,



Adam said...

No chance for webcam lessons? I dont live in New York but Im thinking of taking some lessons on skype.

kevin r gallagher said...

it certainly is possible - if no students from new york are interested, I'll open it up to webcam lessons.