Friday, October 23, 2009

Folías (2nd version) by Gaspar Sanz (ca. 1640-c.1710)

2nd Version. I couldn't decide between the two versions, so I decided to post both.


Anonymous said...

Masterful! Bravo! I liked them both. I thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic expression and mood changes in the second version.

You are very seasonal in your song selection. :)


Mikkel said...

Awesome Kevin, I liked both as well. I think the second one was quite captivating because of your very dramatic dynamics and your intense presence. The first had some very masterful and dignified phrases, yet I must say I enjoyed your second "raw" take more. I got the impression that you were more emotionally invested while playing and it made a strong impression.
You are awesome, really.

kevin r gallagher said...

thanks for the comments. I was more emotionally involved in the 2nd version - which actually was the very first take.

There's something unpredictable about the 2nd version. It's not as clear technically all the time, but there's a sense of spontaneity and life which is lacking in the first (more practiced) version.

It's subtle, but worth noting that more control can often lead to less life in playing.


Saei said...

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Emiel Stöpler said...

My personal favorite is the first version. I feel it sounds more polished as in "finished", but of course this is relative as both versions are wonderful.

Chris said...

Very intense, Kevin.

I think this piece of music really got into your "soul".

There is a power and colour to the 2nd version which makes it more emotional. However, the phrasing in the 1st version is more subtle and quite captivating.

The difficulty in choosing a favourite is that I find even your less "emotionally involved" version has more feeling than I hear in a lot of other performers.

Thank you. Please keep playing and giving - it is such a joy to hear and see.